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Pest Control Service Pricing in Chandigarh

Cockroach Control

  • Herbal Treatment of cockroach.
  • Flush out Spray for cockroach control.
  • 60 days warranty.

Bed Bugs Control

  • Effective bed bug control Pesticide from Buyer.
  • Use of Bosch Gun.
  • Damage by bed bug.
  • 60 days warranty


  • Damages and risks in absence of effective Mosquito/Flies control.
  • Preventive steps offered by ICS Pest control.
  • Unique Offers from ICS Pest control for Mosquito/Flies control.
  • 60 Days Warranty

Termite Control

  • Termite Eggs.
  • Termite Larva.
  • Swarming of Termite.
  • Winged Termite

* Above Prices are Approximated.


i payed 1200 rs for bed bugs , they gave 60 days warranty. Service was good , as they gave 60 days warranty need check for another 5 months

Karan Choudhary Haryana

Good experience with company...! The greatest problem of bed bugs in my home and I called from this hs pest control . Their response was good. They sort out of the bed bug problem and they gave 6month for warranty period.

Nitish Kumar Haryana

Appreciate the service by the technician. Even I have recommended to few of my friends too.

Rishav Kalsi Punjab

Service was in time and got cleared all bed bugs in my flat with reasonable price and warranty have to be checked.

Manav MittalPunjab

Pest dropping is one of the warning signs of pest infestation. There can be other warning signs such as small holes in the walls & floors, dead bugs, active pests, odd smells & sounds, chewed items, nests in gutters, and holes in furniture.
Pest control service is a method to get rid of different types of harmful and destructive pests, insects and bugs from areas where people live or work. A professional pest control service provider can help you significantly in preventing and controlling the pests and bugs.
General pest control charges for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 BHK home start from ₹ 799, ₹ 999, ₹ 1199, ₹ 1399 and Rs 1699 respectively. The price of hiring pest control services in India may differ depending upon the pest types and the level of pest infestation.
Different pest control companies may offer you their services at different prices as they use different techniques and products to curb and control the pests. The standard rates and charges for cockroach pest control services in Chandigarh are approximately ₹ 799 for 1 BHK, ₹ 999 for 2 BHK, ₹ 1199 for 3 BHK, and ₹ 1399 for 4 BHK.
Pest control is done in many ways depending upon the types of pests and the level of pest infestations. There are different methods to control pests and bugs. Herbal pest control, odour-less pest control, fogging, and chemical treatment are some common methods for pest control in India.
In order to ensure your place pest-free, you should consider for professional pest control service is done at least 1 time in 4 months. We recommend to get your home served for pest control on quaterly basis.
The pest treatment duration depends on the type and the level of pest infestation. A single treatment is enough in the case of some pests but pest likes fleas and bed bugs require 1 or 2 treatment session.
There are several types of insects and pests that could post you serious property and health problems. You should worried about pests and insects such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, spiders, rats, and termites. Termites are most dangerous and destructive pests which can make damage to your property especially wooden furniture.
No, you don't need to leave your home during the procedure of pest control treatment. As now only odorless chemicals are approved for pest control activity. You can keep out from the premises only for pre-cautionery basis. Once the treatment is finished, professional pest control service provider may ask you to do the cleaning activity after few hours.
There are several benefits of hiring professional pest control services. The main benefit you will get is the reduced chance of getting health related issues such as allergies, skin irritations, dengue, malaria, typhoid and dysentery. You will get a healthier environment and better sleep.

ICS Pest Control

Are you worried about the problem of crawling the cockroaches in your room? Do you feel uncomfortable sleeping because of bed bugs? If yes, then it is the right time for choosing the ICS Pest Control services. We have an experienced team of workers who know ways of freeing your house from bed bugs and cockroaches.

ICS Pest Control services are one of the prominent pest control services that offer the best to the clients. We have a long chain of clients who are happier with our work. In addition to it, our trained staff is highly experienced and able to solve most of the different pest-related problems.

Our team follows all the rules and regulations regarding making your home free from pests. In addition to it, we believe in offering the complete solution regarding pest cleaning, pieces of equipment, toxicity, safety, and pesticide application.

Why choose us?

We believe in offering incredible services to our clients regarding pest controls. Our main focus is on making your house free from bugs and cockroaches which are disturbing your sleep. We at ICS Pest Control provide different sorts of services at a reasonable price. There is a number of reasons for choosing us, which are in the following ways.

  • We do not take any visiting charges. So, feel free to call us and discuss your pest problem with us.
  • ICS Pest Control has a team of certified technicians who have a good hand in handling the pieces of equipment.
  • Our trained staff cares about your safety against bed bugs and so on. We will explain all of the safety instructions to you.
  • We assure you about providing the service warranty.

These reasons make us best from the best pest control services. Now, you do not need to stress about cockroaches that are disturbing you. All you need to do is contact us and further, and they will guide you.

Our Pest Control Services:s?

When it comes to pest control services, then we make sure that our clients get the best. We offer plenty of pest control services to our valuable and trustworthy clients. In addition to it, here is the list of pest control services that you can consider.

Cockroach Control Are you frustrated with the cockroaches that are roaming in your house like a playground? If yes, then stop their entry with our team. We flush out the spray for controlling the cockroach. ICS pest control believes in offering herbal treatment.

  • Bed Bug Control
    Make your bed free from bugs, and we provide you with the best services. On this pest control service, we give you the surety of a sixty-day warranty.
  • Mosquito/Flies
    We provide you with great knowledge about the preventive steps. Moreover, if you are seeking mosquito pest help, then you can contact us. Fortunately, we provide lucrative offers too on this service.
  • Termite Control Service

    Get rid of termite eggs, termite larva, winged termite, and so on. Contact us and get a solution from our team. We will guide you and provide accurate instructions.

    Get all these services at a reasonable price with our team. By choosing ICS pest control, you will get rid of different sorts of harmful pests, bugs, and insects too. We work on preventing and controlling bugs, cockroaches, and mosquitoes.

    Contact us if you are worried about cockroaches and other pests. Our team will reach your location and visit it. Further, we will proceed further.